Book Dr. Rose to speak at your next event. Dr. Rose’s talks typically focus on one of her two areas of study: (a) gender, relationships, and development or (b) women’s professional development.

Dr. Rose speaks and girls’ and boys’ friendships and implications for depression at Orebro University in Sweden

Adolescence is not an easy developmental stage – for the youth themselves and the adults who are charged with their development and well being. Dr. Rose can speak about Girls’ and Boys’ Friendships, Peers and Depression in Adolescence, The Pros and Cons of Girlfriends and Boyfriends, or any related topic at your event,.

Dr. Rose speaks about Women’s Professional Development at the University of Maine

Too often, very bright, promising girls and young women fail to meet their full potential, and women in the workforce sell themselves short. Dr. Rose’s work suggests this is not due to these girls’ and women’s lack of potential but to the mixed messages they receive and “gaslighting” that happens as they work their way through school and up the career ladder. Dr. Rose unravels these societal messages and implicit biases to give girls and women the information they need to know to succeed and boys and men the information they need to be allies in building a more equitable society.

Dr. Rose has given invited talks all over the world including Universities in the United States (e.g., Vanderbilt University, University of Michigan) and abroad (e.g., Concordia University in Canada, Orebro University in Sweden), government departments (US Department of Health and Human Services), and local community groups (e.g., Callaway County Women’s Networking Group).

Contact Dr. Rose about your next event at RoseA@missouri.edu